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Leave topic suggestions down below with #DEEP now let's begin For what it's worth, I have been with the same man for six years, and we actually got married last year So maybe that in of itself is some sort of credential for me to speak on this topic okay other than that, shush When you go on Instagram or the internet or whatever you will always see memes about cheating and side chicks and side dudes What is going on?! everybody out here be switching partners like it's a dam square dance y'all need to calm down Oh no, he was sleeping with my best friend the whole time First off, that is not your best friend, okay She's a thot, and she needs to begone Lucky for you I have some tips and tricks so that you can I don't know maybe find true love someday First off, I think the first mistake that people make is that they start relationships purely based on sexual lust

They see a girl who's really fine, and they're like damn mami, I really want to hit that, wanna date? And then they break up two weeks later after they did it like 47 times You see my advice is to start off as friends You get to find ways on how to enjoy each other and have Fun together without there having any sexual tension in between You learn to genuinely enjoy each other's company Now I'm not saying that you're not allowed to be sexually attracted to your partner okay, all I'm saying is that From my experience and from what I have seen relationships that start off as friends; it ends up a lot better because you guys Enjoy eachother as human beings as opposed to built on lust because lust is temporary and it burns out very quickly There's a big difference between lust and attraction You want to find someone that Their life plan aligns with yours, you know, they're going where you're going it's similar You want to find someone that you can do life with, but sadly most young adults Don't really focus on relationships in the long run

They mostly focus on Busting a nut as they say Yo bro, I ain't trying to like date her or anything I'm just trying to bust a nut You know what pisses me off the same people who are in these short flings that don't Take relationships seriously, are the same people on Facebook who be reposting pictures of people that are like 90 years old They're like OMG "this is all I want" but you put no effort into having that kind of relationship, Brenda Let me tell you what, if you are investing that into somebody, and they're not giving it back You need to have a serious conversation with them and be like yo, what's up You know like I'm giving my all like I love you I want to be with you, but you like playing games with me I'm not here for that and if they're not here for that either, goodbye

Now, you might be thinking well I do want that kind of relationship pero like I don't know how to bring it up without scaring him away If commitment scares anyone away they not worth it in my book Cuz boi, wha you think this is? a carnival ride? This isn't tilt a whirl, okay? I'm here I'm trying to grow old together I'm trying to have kids Okay, and if you're not doing that

Why are you with me?! and in case you're wondering yes I told that to Martin before we started dating The way that I said it it wasn't awkward because we both saw things moving towards that direction so So I told him Listen if we get together I don't want it to be a waste of my time If you were to say that to somebody Who you've only gone on one date with then it's like what the I barely know you But if you've been investing in them for a long time, and you know each other really well It's not gonna be that weird Because you guys saw it coming and then he told me the same thing like I ain't trying to waste my time either then we dated For four years, we were engaged for one year, and now we're married Respect yourself, have high standards for yourself okay, and make your expectations clear and if you're scared that they're gonna run off or be scared then they're not the one cuz they obviously aren't interested in Pursuing something further with you and you are worth the time, okay? You don't need somebody wasting your time And you ain't gotta be wasting somebody else's time unless that's what you want if you want to waste time That's a different conversation Okay, but what I'm talking about here is like long-term Commitments and love So I asked y'all to ask me some questions on my Instagram Regarding this topic

"How to date both my cats at the same time who live under the same roof" Really Just do it how to know if someone is right for you? Versus someone being wrong for you everyone has a different opinion of what is right and what is wrong Personally for me the right person is somebody who is willing to invest as much time into you as You are investing into them And also when you guys have like the same goals in life You know And my man's right now We're both getting our bachelor's degree we go to this same University If you're trying to get your degree And he's on his butt all day play video games smoking weed Y'all ain't got the same goals

"How to date in college and what to expect when you start dating in college" Girl, you know what you're gonna expect a lot of buffoonery because lots of young adults think they're Invisible and think they don't owe Nothing to nobody and they is little kids in a grown body So you're just gonna have to stand your ground as a respectable Person and show people that you're not on their level, you're in a higher level, okay And like I said just start off as friends, make friends "What's the married life like have you experienced any differences?" It's gotten stronger, when we started dating I didn't really miss him not because I was savage, but because I was used to being away from him We didn't live together so once we got married though I'm now used to being with him all the time so when he's not here I start to miss him, but our relationship has gotten stronger for sure

"What conversations Do you think are important to have once you start getting serious?" You want to figure out what you guys have in common and what you don't have in common and how important these things are to you in your life because if they don't match up it's gonna blow up in your guys's face and potentially lead to a breakupFirst evaluate yourself and the values that you carry very dear to who you are as a person in the foundations of you as a person and Match it up to theirs, how do you guys match up? "I know you and your husband waiting until marriage, you speak about it in a video – how hard was it Any advice and tips for someone who's in the same boat in terms of waiting till marriage?" Honestly the way that we were able to do it is by staying busy We never were sitting down doing nothing we were both in school So we were constantly studying or constantly at school and just staying busy really helped us to Refrain from our sexual tension And we would always talk about it too – we wouldn't just ignore it like you know I'm really feeling like hella hot right now I'm just gonna back off a little bit because you know you be looking hella cute in those pants and I gotta get out of here That is also something that I brought up to him when before we started dating I told him you know what I'm not wasting my time here I don't want to waste my time Also, I'm waiting til marriage

I told him straight off the bat, and he said me too me too on both of them It's as simple as this okay invest time into him as a friend Okay, and if it doesn't go further than that then Oh, well, you can't force someone to like you All you can do is be a good human being Invest into them as a friend You know, talk together, hang out with the people they hang out with so you can like get in their circle Okay, some of you are like I'm gonna end up alone blah blah There are seven billion people on this planet, okay, you're not gonna end up alone Tis the time to jump in the shower, air dry and reveal the final results So that was the first segment I really hope you guys enjoyed that Comment down below with the #DEEP with Suggestions of topics you would like me to cover in the future to add on to the series Comment like and subscribe If you like what I'm doing here it really helps me to grow on this platform And if you'd like to follow me on any of my social media, I will leave all the links down below Thank you for watching

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