Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel Apparently there has been a conspiracy against me because my memory card says it's full but it's not full because I erase everything and he will not let me record with my camera so I'm sorry if the quality of this video is not the best and if I have a new background and if I have a new fund Look how nice those lights are, what? It still looks a bit empty but I'm still redecorating and I'm also making a video about that so stay tuned that's very ugly but I'm going to change it saying this let's start I know they want to know all my secrets for a successful relationship for personal questions call 555-1234 we have affordable prices but I have no idea what I'm doing with my life so if you follow my advice it's your problem hahaha I am not responsible for this I'm still a disaster and I do not know much but I know the things that should not be done in a relationship so let's go to it tip number one do not have a relationship that was all thank you very much for watching my video I hope you liked it do not forget to subscribe, comment, like and share and all that I love and I hope this video has been useful bye just kidding I will give the examples referring to a boy but if you are a boy you can apply it backwards do not threaten with breaking with the more than once or repeatedly that's going to work the first time, it sounds like maybe the third in which he will already be in plan Well, if you want to leave me goodbye in plan ah well, see you later and you're going to be in plan, wait I was just threatening you I did not want to finish So do not do it the best thing is to talk things talk and try to solve it and if it can not be resolved then it really ends do not jump to conclusions I used to draw conclusions too as if I was doing bungee jumping for example, if you sent a message two hours ago and you have not answered do not think that he is cheating you or who is ignoring you or something maybe he's just busy, or he has not looked at his phone good people look at the phone every two seconds nowadays but you always have to think positive my highlight is perfect advice number 3 do not be a driver @ your partner is not in jail, he can go out and do things without you If you are in the plan: you will not go anywhere that's not going to work for you, they want to have a life this little hair is bothering me too much Let him be happy without you why is this little hair so annoying? OMG I'm about to catch and cut it check this out you are not his only happiness they need to do the things they like without you NAPE LISTEN WELL NEVER NEVER look at your phone Why are you looking for things you do not want to find? DO NOT do not look at your phone What are you going to do if you find something you do not like? Who is Patricia? Oh, Patricia is a friend my love, but why are you asking? I do not know, because I was checking your phone COME! You do not want to do so Do not live your life obsessing if they deceive you or not If you're cheating, you'll know sooner or later I have never done that I'm dying of heat with this jacket I'm sorry but I have to remove it but the outfit is more important and the last advice Why are people always throwing doors? OMG why????? never chase anyone you are not in the world to pursue people nor to beg for love believe me if they want to be with you they will be you do not need someone who does not know if he wants to be with you or not that's not worth it This was the video today, I hope you liked it do not forget to subscribe, comment, like, share, everything do everything please I really want to know what they think I want to see your comments on these tips if they seem useful or not? What do you do when you are in a relationship? comment and discuss your love life we all want to know we love gossip thank you very much for coming back, and if you are new come back again I will see you in my next video!