Fall In Love! Dating Tips From A

(Carol Of The Bells) Welcome back! Ever since Andrew and I got married, I have become completely tired of hearing all of my single friends saying "You have no idea how hard it is to date" Uh

Really? Do you think I picked my husband off of a tree? Like there's some spouse orchard just down the block, and I frolicked over like a fluffy little bunny and squeezed all of them until I found one that was firm? Wait Don't answer that The answer is "no" I had to go through my very own "Choose Your Own Adventure" book of dating, and I had to kiss a lot of frogs before I found the right guy

But I get it No one wants to take advice from the old married guy To which, I say "Screw you I'm not old I'm only 25 and a bit

" You're 30 Shut up! The point is, I wanna try to have the channel that you feel you can turn to in your time of need I'd love to be the one to give you advice but if you can't take that advice from me, then I think it's only fair that I bring someone in who you feel you can trust Someone I know you're all starting to love Someone who knows exactly what you need, some- (With warbling accent) Someone AWESOME! Hello! It's me! The psychic! I see some of you are watching the video while sitting on the toilet

You're not even making the poops You're just sitting there This is disgusting This will not help you find a date! Get up, wash hands, give this video a big finger up- thumbs up- whatever And let me show you the path to you special someone How do you turn this thing on

Does that turn you on? What? oh my God Dumbface took your questions off of Tooter- Twitter Whatever Now these questions? I answer these questions Question number one: How did Dumbface know that Andrew was the one? Because I told him

I am always right I am a psychic Duh (With a new accent) The first step is to hire very powerful clairvoyant I have very reasonable rates

After the video, you and I, we sit down We talk goats, and chickens, no? And also! Andrew is not scared of spiders, and dumbhead is big wuss Without Andrew, Dumbhead would hide under covers! Hey! Get back up You have a video to make! Sorry! I was looking for phone so I can answer next question Question number two: What is the secret of marriage? Ooh, the spirits say that knowing when to take the pillow off of their face before they stop squirming

Because then it is too late I am just kidding I made a funny! Oooh Ahh Ooooh, yes! The secret is chocolate Also, communication and compromise! Why can't you keep secret? Why can't you keep an accent? *grunts* Ha! (New accent) Question number three

How do you use a dating app? You turn on your phone You use phone You put many many lies on phone Well, when he's right he's right Of course

I am psychic Duh Question number four Should I give up on love, and find myself a sugar daddy? No! Definitely not! It's 2017 You can find both

Just put your mind to it Question number five: What is the fastest way to get a man to like you? This is easy Although if that doesn't work, you could always tie him to chair Ok, that's enough of that Please don't tie anyone to a chair

The fastest way to make a man love you is simple All you have to do is- Oops, that's all the time we have for today! I know you enjoyed video, because I am powerful psychic You should prove it by giving this video big finger up Thumbs up- Whatever If you're new, click right there to subscribe to Dumbhead's channel, more Dumbhead episodes right down there

Bye! For now, because I foresee you will be back!