Dating Advice : How to Date a Cougar

The zoo is full of animals, but how do you date a cougar? This is Dr Paul, author of Boomer Girls: A Boomer Woman's Guide to Men and Dating and host of Ask Dr

Paul By definition, the cougar is the older woman; not that much older, but older; who hits on and dates younger guys There's an interesting thing happening A lot of it is happening, but the most interesting is that the man, often times, is the one who winds up with a broken heart I know

Surprise, surprise, right? Well don't be surprised, because here is a younger man dating a woman who is older, sophisticated, more knowledgeable in all areas, knows how to satisfy that man, whether it be at dinner, sexually, in a conversation, patronizing him, and he falls in love And he really falls in love, because he has never experienced someone like this in his life before And why not? Because he's working and dealing with and dating younger women This woman has it all, as far as he's concerned When she moves on; invariably they do; he's the one who gets burned

So how do you date a cougar? Carefully Let that be a lesson to you, because I've had many calls, surprisingly, from both the cougar and from the male who has been the victim of, if you will, a cougar Understand that they're there for a good time, and you'll enjoy it But be careful of the ride, because it can have a sudden stop This is Dr

Paul May your fantasies of today be your realities of tomorrow